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Dish TV Satellite TV Service is the cheapest. It also has many channels compared to the others with a variety of free regional packs.It also use a good STB software and the speed in switching between channels and updating is very quick.

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Dish TV was actually the 1st DTH service provider in India. Dish TV is a division of the Zee Network Enterprise (also known as Essel Group). It uses MPEG 2 digital compression type of technology, and transmits from NSS6 Satellite at 95 degrees. Dish TV was launched in the year 2004, and in 2010 they announced that they’ve taken additional transponders on the Asiasat Satellite. Since the NSS6 and the AsiaSat Satellites are closely positioned, it allows the existing customers to also get the signals from Asiasat. Dish TV is equipped with ALC (Automatic Level Control) feature which enables the satellites to maintain constant EIRP in case of any up link signal degradation caused by weather conditions like clouds, rains, or fog. Their advanced technology actually helps users to change channels conveniently and quickly. They have efficient processors which make it possible for users to easily browse through the over 300 channels and services in a matter of seconds.

Dish TV Packages


Super Family
Maxi Sports
All Sports
World Sports
New Titanium


Joy Pack
Jumbo Family
Family Sports
All Sports
World Sports
Platinum Sports
New South Titanium